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Human Resources Consulting Services

Drive Business Success With HR Consulting Services

Successful Business Owner | Human Resources Consulting | Ohio HR ServicesDo you find yourself constantly hiring staff, but never really finding the perfect fit? Is it hard to keep up with ever-changing HR laws? Were your employee handbooks and company policies last updated during The Reagan Era?

Managing your business’s talent acquisition, growth strategies, and HR compliance is not only difficult, but it’s also time-consuming. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and Rea’s HR consulting services can help your company implement programs and tools that will help support your people while ensuring that you comply with current legislation.

Our HR professionals will establish a customized, strategic, and flexible program that will support your recruiting efforts, job postings, interviewing skills, and HR regulation compliance.

We have a personal passion for educating businesses on recruitment, hiring, and compliance. That passion for what we do has been a key piece of our combined 26 years of experience in this field. Our continued involvement with the Ohio Society for Human Resources Board of Directors affords us the opportunity to provide relevant and timely information to clients.

How We’re Different

Each business is unique – and so is each employee, that’s why we will personally connect with you to fully understand what HR solutions will align with your business needs. Our team of experts has extensive experience in human resources, solid business acumen, and a strong understanding of business operations and objectives – spanning a wide variety of industries. And all of this gives us the capability of effectively working with your business.

When you work with Rea's HR consultants, you’ll receive support toward your employees’ total life cycle – from the hiring process to developing your employees into leaders, to exit management or retirement, and everything in between.

Industry-Leading Service Offerings

The following human resources solutions are available to help your organization:

Strategic Hiring & Recruiting


Hiring & Development Assessments

You can learn more about each one of our human resources consulting services by checking out the navigation box on the right side of this page.

Strategic Solutions | HR Subscription Services | Ohio Consulting Firm

Professional HR Support For Every Budget

Yes - every business needs HR support. But that doesn't mean you need to hire a team of in-house human resources professionals to take charge of this function. The cost of bringing on a full-time employee can be too much for your budget to handle at this particular time, which is why Rea's human resources services team now offers a monthly subscription service for businesses that are looking to comply with ongoing regulations while maximizing employee retention and targeting top talent, without the added cost of hiring a new HR person to your company's roster.

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Working With Rea

Our HR consulting services team provides superior, personalized service by meeting with you one-on-one. This helps us understand your business needs and provide the right support to address those needs. Our team will draft a proposal and share it with you and, from there, changes and additions will be made based on your feedback. When a proposal of work is agreed upon, we’ll begin our work and continue to meet in-person to touch base throughout our project.

Read some client testimonials to discover what others have to say about Rea's human resources consulting services.

Let's Get Started!

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Disclaimer: The HR Consulting services are based on the knowledge of non-attorney specialists at Rea & Associates, Inc. Rea does not provide legal advice. You are encouraged to consult with legal counsel of your choice prior to implementing policies or procedures.